Tulips (relief print)

10″x 7″,Here the plate is printed by inking the surface of the plate leaving the lines clear. Linocuts, wood cuts and block prints are relief style prints.



Three Phases of Simon

6″x 12″, relief print that was printed from a hand cut rubber like block material…

Bird Lovers

Bird Lovers

22″ x 15″, 2012,  Block print, monotype…

Oldies but Goodies

Oldies but Goodies

20″x15″, 2012, Block prints with hand tinting…


Grand Old Limbs Block Print

12″x9″, 1997, block print without monotype…

Grand Od Limbs

Grand Old Limbs

12″x9″, 1997, block print and monotype that appeared in “Watercolor” magazine Fall issue 1997…


Sisters 1940 at Norumbega Park

8″x10″ block print image based on photo shot by her father Robert Spencer


woods at sunset

Woods at Sunset

8″x12″, relief print done with a photo emulsion plate…


Central Pacific “Jupiter”

9″x12″, blockprint, a “Golden Spike” engine…


Union Pacific “119″

9″X12″, blockprint,  a Golden Spike Engine…


Saline County Courthouse

6″x9″, 2012, hand cut blockprint…

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

"Julia Ayres Prints" at Oklahoma State Capitol North Gallery April 23, 20012 through June 24, 2012